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About HelloRobot
What is HelloRobot ?

HelloRobot is a web crawler. Web crawlers, also called 'spiders' or 'wanderers' are automated tools used to travel the net and collect information from websites. For instance Googlebot is the web crawler that Google uses to gather information they might want to index in their search engine.

HelloRobot browses the internet in an automated manner. When visiting sites, HelloRobot retrieves data as a means of providing up-to-date information about businesses to the many people who use the HelloDevon site.

HelloRobot is designed to be polite and to follow any instructions from the site's owners. If for any reason you would like HelloRobot NOT to crawl your site just modify your robot.txt file accordingly. Information about to how to do this can be found on [ http://www.robotstxt.org/robotstxt.html ]

What information do you collect ?

HelloRobot collects data to confirm or update website details, and a short portion of text about companies.

This information is then used to provide a better browsing experience for HelloDevon users that could well lead to visits to your website by our users.

How can I make sure that you crawl my site ?

If you have a website relating to a Devon based company, you can advertise your business for FREE in HelloDevon.co.uk - [ Click here to advertise your business website for FREE ]

Nevertheless, there might be some delay between the time of your submission and the time that HelloRobot crawls your website. Please be patient.

If a few weeks go by without your site being indexed, please check that your robot.txt file is not denying HelloRobot permission to crawl it. Please note that if a website uses vulgar language or has objectionable content HelloRobot may flag it for no indexing.